You don’t have to be a history buff to watch and see how super cool this is. My partner discovered this while we were at Union Station in Kansas City, Mo.

How it works, is that at specific locations in the building, you can hold your phone up as if you are going to take a photo. You will see the same scene before you, except it will be back in time, the way that it used to look. People in period costume will appear and re-enact a short, informative story from that very spot, from all those years ago.

But it doesn’t stop there! You can still see real people in your screen as well, so you can ‘pose’ them to make it look like they are in the scene.

Say what?!

Here is a picture we took near the Science City entrance after watching and listening to a story of how a bull went running through it after a train derailment. My partner told me where to stand as if I could see the bull myself. How fun!!