I’m not a huge jelly bean fan, but here’s the thing… Jelly Belly has this Russian Roulette type game (Bean Boozled) that is tailored towards children, but of course, when it’s their birthday party, all must partake.

The deal is you flick a spinner (sort of like on a Twister board) and it lands on a colour. You must then take a jelly bean of that colour and eat it. Sounds okay so far, right?

Well there’s a catch; There are two different flavours, one yummy and one disgusting, disguised as the same colour. So you don’t know which one you are going to get until you pop it in your mouth. I landed on white, and hoped I would eat the ‘coconut’ flavour. Instead, I got ‘Baby Wipes’. And let me tell you… Jelly Belly’s scientists have nailed these nasty flavours down to a “T”.

Beware! Here are the other flavours. And yes, I recommend this for any kids birthday party 😉
1. White with yellow. Buttered Popcorn – Yum!
or….. Rotten Egg. Ew!

2. Blue. Berry Blue – Yum! or….. Toothpaste. Ew!

3. Peach coloured. Peach – Yum! or….. Vomit. Ew!

4. Brown. Chocolate Pudding. Yum! or….. Canned Dog Food. Ew!

5. Green. Juicy Pear. Yum! or….. Booger. Ew!