Omaze is the the coolest of all fundraisers. They take a celebrity or an athlete, and ask them to choose their favourite charity. Next, they plan an event together so that when people donate to their charity, they have the chance to win an invitation to that event.

And their events are super cool!

I have personally donated towards two events since I discovered this website, and while I didn’t win, I have a super fun t-shirt as thank you. Here are a few interesting experiences they have offered, either past or present:
1. Spend the day doing adventure activities with Iron Man himself – Robert Downey Jr. and then end the night by attending the Avengers Premiere in LA.

2. Spend the day with Matt Damon and Ben Afflek. Enough said.

3. Be in the next Star Wars movie. Now that’s epic!!!

4. Ride in an RV with Bryan Cranston to the premiere of Breaking Bad

5. Ride beside Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the race track

Check out their ever changing videos at