This advance in medical technology is amazing. If someone you love were to collapse and become unconscious, there is a far greater chance of their survival if there is an AED or a defibrillator on site. But do you know where the closest one to you right now is? Could you get to it, and back to your loved one within those few minutes that are crucial to their survival? Well what if the defib came to you?

Check out this article and video, and you will think about the many uses for this type of machinery.


5 Reasons To Not Be Afraid of Using a Defibrillator:

1. They talk to you. They will take you step by step in a calm manner.

2. They will not deliver a shock unless it is needed. It takes the decision making out of your hands.

3. There are also photos of what to do. If the Defib is speaking in a different language, you’ll still be able to figure out what to do.

4. Canadian legislation protects users of Defib’s as long as you are using it to try to save a life.

5. Confidence in using a Defib is drastically improved by taking a CPR course. If you’re in Southern Ontario, the team at will come to your work place with training Defib units to practice and certify you.